Good Presenter V. Bad Presenter

First presenter is Eric Thomas, a semi-well known motivational speaker in the states.

  • He is confident in what he’s talking about.
  • Charismatic is aiming to engage with the crowd and show them he genuinely cares.
  • Asks questions to engage with the audience.
  • Shares personal experience to reinforce his points.
  • Opens up about himself in order for people to empathise and believe what he’s talking about.
  • Shows knowledge of the subjects he talks about.
  • open body language.



Sarah Palin as the poor presenter, a former presidential candidate in the states.


  • Repetition of phrases or points.
  • Exasibated points , near screaming/screeching.
  • Constantly reading the teleprompter.









Epic Fail


American company ‘American Apparell’ posted a picture of the 1986 challenger explosion on their tumblr account on the 4th of July with the hashtags #clouds #smoke. The picture was posted by one of their PR team who was born after the accident and had no recollection of it. The team felt major backlash and shortly removed the post.

Mistakes like this can be easily avoided by properly sourcing and research photos before posting them on a social forum for all to see.

Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

Niche Blogging

Essentially the blogger talks about the differences between having a niche’ blog (a blog which essentially follows a particular theme or realm of ideas e.g pastry or shoes) and lifestyle blogs which can just be anything that’s trending. They the go on to explain how Niche blogs are better to monetise as they are easier to for advertisers to rely on. As well as that they have an easier stream for the writers to produce content as they just need to find what is trending at the time. Basically niche blogging allows for the blogger to create a consistence blog which other bloggers can come to when they want information on a particular subject.
Aswell as this Niches blogs allow for the veiwer to know how the audience reacts to their quality of content combined with their own authentic voice as a opposed to lifestyle blogs which can only bring the latter.
I agree with the author when they talk about the ease to monetise a niche blog as well as the benefits of a consistent blog which audiences can become accustomed to and will ultimately enjoy.

Web Design

Good pages-


Good characteristics, clearly exhibits the product as the focal point of the main page.
Has a clear and understandable options on the top of the page. Cleary labeled and marked.
Modern clean design


Repeats the headline ‘Don’t crack under pressure’ on the multiple ads which can be scrolled across easily
With options to follow their Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites in a small tab which doesn’t get in the way

Split sided for men and women to choose where to good
Easy format
Clean and stylish
Main points above the line

Bad pages-


Everything broken up
Colour scheme is largely plain with everything being white and other coloured blue up the top
Font changes and the options are clashing with the description


Has there logo at the beginning of the page with the option to scroll down to see actual information
Not ideal or attention grabbing


Dull and boring
Seems cluttered yet simply