Value optimisation

The product would be a revolutionary water bottle with our logo on it. ‘FitBotel’

Lead magnet- Get fit and fast with the ‘FitBotel’.

Tripwire- Limited offer get the ‘FitBotel’ for just $2 and a weeks worth of ‘Fitpods’!

Profit maximisers-Bigger volumes of the ‘FitBotel’ as well as different shapes and colours. Perhaps change the material.

Return path- This would be done through the ‘FitJourney’ people would sign up to once they go through the lead magnet, this would follow their journey and constantly remind them of new products as wel as check their progress.

Bonus products/services-They would be ‘Fitpods’ which would be a nutrient based pod that can be put into the FitBotel and potentially change the colour of the water. Also a chilltube which can be frozen and placed in the botel in order to chill it, however it would have an expiry date at some point. Customers would also have the opportunity to meet with fit educators which would be a paid service.



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