Strength Camps

Above is a link to ‘StrengthCamp’ which is a gym in Florida.

Right above the line is a video which aims to outline what people want from the service – Lose weight, Gain muscle, get healthy and stay fit-These are benefits which stem from the customers problem being unfit. He then goes on to say that people ‘Need’ a plan which he can provide.

In the next part of the video they go on to say that the gym can provide the plan and the system necessary to fix the problem and then the customer can reap the benefits.

All it takes is for them to sign up soon and receive the limited offer of two weeks free (scarcity)

I feel this would be a pretty effective way to draw people into the gym the only issue is that it is only in Florida so perhaps offering international/interstate customers a special offer may be more enticing. I chose this as I am very much into the whole fitness lifestyle and the business prospects which are associated with it.


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