Value optimisation

The product would be a revolutionary water bottle with our logo on it. ‘FitBotel’

Lead magnet- Get fit and fast with the ‘FitBotel’.

Tripwire- Limited offer get the ‘FitBotel’ for just $2 and a weeks worth of ‘Fitpods’!

Profit maximisers-Bigger volumes of the ‘FitBotel’ as well as different shapes and colours. Perhaps change the material.

Return path- This would be done through the ‘FitJourney’ people would sign up to once they go through the lead magnet, this would follow their journey and constantly remind them of new products as wel as check their progress.

Bonus products/services-They would be ‘Fitpods’ which would be a nutrient based pod that can be put into the FitBotel and potentially change the colour of the water. Also a chilltube which can be frozen and placed in the botel in order to chill it, however it would have an expiry date at some point. Customers would also have the opportunity to meet with fit educators which would be a paid service.



Lead Magnets

Example 1- Not a lead magnet, it simple wants their emails in exchange to add them into a rewards programimageimage

Example 2- an actual lead magnet which can be see offering a short 5-day course which teaches people how to download their leads with only an exchange of an email.



Strength Camps

Above is a link to ‘StrengthCamp’ which is a gym in Florida.

Right above the line is a video which aims to outline what people want from the service – Lose weight, Gain muscle, get healthy and stay fit-These are benefits which stem from the customers problem being unfit. He then goes on to say that people ‘Need’ a plan which he can provide.

In the next part of the video they go on to say that the gym can provide the plan and the system necessary to fix the problem and then the customer can reap the benefits.

All it takes is for them to sign up soon and receive the limited offer of two weeks free (scarcity)

I feel this would be a pretty effective way to draw people into the gym the only issue is that it is only in Florida so perhaps offering international/interstate customers a special offer may be more enticing. I chose this as I am very much into the whole fitness lifestyle and the business prospects which are associated with it.

YouTube Blog

Above is a link to a video by Dom Mazzeti the owner and talent of the YouTube channel ‘BroScience’ Dom aims to use his humour to entertain and inform others about bodybuilding and general living. He uses his channel as a platform to express his own views on various pop culture references and events which he relates to in his own life and globally.
I feel the channel is very entertaining and definitely worth a view and maybe a sub 😉

Blog posts

Types of blog posts-

1)A how to blog about how a person can cook a cheesy pork steak…with bacon!

2)The next is a promotional blog about the merchandise at rapper ‘Schoolboy Q’s tours’ with information on pricing and products.

3) A controversial post about Hillary Clinton which aims to show the writers thought sad and perceptions about her.

4)Parody or satire news articles are a typical blog post, below is a blog from ‘Beetoota advocate’ a known satire news website.

Century Old Pub Fined For Disrupting Sleep Patterns Of Yuppies Who Chose To Live Near It

5)Below is a review blog post which was posted shortly after the release of the game ‘Overwatch’.



Bad Presentation




Repetition of the term ‘What is a Kangaroo’

Unnecessary and distracting red text.

Repetition of logo picture.

Information is redundant ‘A female is a girl’

No capital letters for pro-nouns.


Simpler. More informative. And fabulous.